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Executive Director

Executive Steering Committee

Teaching Associate Professor
Director of Education Innovation, Engineering,
Design, and Society
Colorado School of Mines
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
National Dong Hwa University
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science, CEA
Howard University
Active Chair, Department of Electrical and
Computer Engineering
Director, Vertically Integrated Projects Program
Virginia Commonwealth University
Associate Professor, College of Engineering and
Applied Sciences
Stony Brook University
Executive Director, Institute for Inclusive and
Transformative Scholarship
Boise State University
Professor of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
University of Strathclyde

Board of Directors

Co-Founder, VIP Consortium, Inc.
Founder, VIP Consortium, Inc.
GRA Eminent Scholar
John B. Peatman Distinguished Professor
Director, Arbutus Center for the Integration of
Research and Education
Georgia Institute of Technology

Principal Software Engineer
Microsoft Corporation
Director, Building America’s Workforce
Urban Institute
Engineering Program Manager
Apple Inc.
Former Senior Advisor for Education
and Communication, Retired
The National Academies of Sciences,
Engineering and Medicine
University of California Davis
Professor Emerita
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Senior Adviser
European University Association (EUA)