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The VIP Community

The VIP Model is unique in that all participants, including faculty, benefit equally from being on or leading a VIP Team. 

VIP Consortium is a vibrant and supportive community of VIP sites and program coordinators who exchange knowledge, create research partnerships, and work together to improve outcomes for students around the world. See the global site map.

VIP Community In Action

VIP equips students and faculty with a global network of knowledge seekers, cultivating learning partnerships that foster collaborations between disciplines - and even between different institutions. At Georgia Tech, Electronic ARTrium is one such project: the team consists of students studying engineering, design, computer science, and music technology; faculty from the schools of Music, Industrial Design and Music; and experts from L3Harris and Georgia Tech Research Institute.

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Electronic ARTrium

Meetings and Events

2023 Annual Meeting

2023 Annual Meeting


Highly valued by VIP site leads as the most important benefit of participating in VIP Consortium, the Annual Meeting gathers global Consortium members to exchange resources and evaluate program outcomes. The Meeting features a pre-conference workshop to equip prospective sites with tools for successful program launches.

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2024 Georgia Innovation Competition Winners

2024 Georgia Innovation Competition Winners


Global and regional Innovation Showcases give students opportunities to showcase their work, connect with students from other VIP institutions, and build their professional networks. Recognition encourages students to reach new heights in their learning, rewarding individual and team contributions.

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Global Network


The Advisory Council, composed of up to three representatives from each VIP Consortium-approved site, provides a forum for members to share feedback and suggestions with the Consortium leadership. The Council is essential in promoting the Consortium's work and values to the broader higher education community.



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Existing VIP sites are invited to join the VIP Consortium Slack group, where we share member information.

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Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing


The Consortium facilitates collaborative research and publications among VIP program leaders in targeted research areas, such as artificial intelligence, sustainable development, and VIP in the humanities. Collaborative investigation advances the state of knowledge in various fields, and the findings are shared during the Annual Meeting. 

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Members of the VIP Consortium work together to develop evidence-based assessments of VIP program success and student outcomes. Their findings are used to refine the VIP model, develop student evaluation tools, and provide mutual support.

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