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Make a tax deductible donation today, and invest in the futures of students across the world.

Building Better Learning Outcomes

VIP Consortium’s worldwide ecosystem of shared knowledge is made possible by our network of donors, sponsors, and industry partners. Supporting VIP is an investment in education that prepares everyone to succeed in an innovative, global future. 

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Student Showcase at Boise State University

Student Showcase at Boise State University


VIP Consortium’s work is funded by philanthropic donations and grants. We do not charge membership fees, and participation in activities like Innovation Competitions and the Annual Meeting is free. The Consortium often covers travel costs for students and faculty to remove barriers to participation. 

The VIP Model is proven to close equity gaps in higher education and benefit students in a variety of academic settings. Donating to the Consortium ensures everyone, no matter their background, history, or location, can benefit from those outcomes.


Georgia Innovation Competition hosted by NCR Voyix

Georgia Innovation Competition hosted by NCR Voyix


Recruit the next generation of top job seekers. Gain visibility among the world’s leading researchers. Align your brand with innovation that transforms learning and produces positive student outcomes. Contact us today to learn about upcoming sponsorship opportunities with VIP Consortium.

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VIP and SpaceX collaboration at VCU

VIP and SpaceX collaboration at VCU


Companies all over the world contribute their expertise to VIP teams, collaborating with student researchers to advance technology and experiment with solutions. Learn about opportunities to collaborate with existing VIP projects or ask the Consortium about launching a new team that furthers your company’s research.

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