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collaboration on a race car

Collaborate with VIP

The VIP Consortium facilitates introductions between VIP teams, companies, and venture capitalists interested in funding cutting-edge research and recruiting top talent.

Partner with VIP Teams

VIP Teams are structured like start-up companies, led by internationally recognized industry experts and faculty who are at the forefront of cutting-edge research, patent development and revolutionary technology. Teams all over the world work directly with companies on real projects that further innovation. To learn more about how your company can team up with VIP, get in touch, and we will connect you with relevant VIP programs.

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VIP students at NYU partnered with Daimler Truck North America to streamline supply chain processes, leveraging artificial intelligence to create a more user-friendly system for component and design changes. Students worked directly with the Daimler team and were onboarded like regular employees, giving them real-world experience in the technology field.

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NYU students in the Daimler lab

NYU students in the Daimler lab

In a partnership with Tokamak Energy, HB11 Energy, and UNSW Digital Grid Futures Institute, students at the University of New South Wales developed and managed the world's first student-operated nuclear fusion reactor.

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UNSW students built a small-scale tokamak device.

UNSW students built a
small-scale tokamak device

Employ VIP Students

Students who participate in VIP develop an exceptional set of skills through hands-on and collaborative experience in a research environment that reflects real-world project management. VIP graduates across all sectors are the most promising and highly skilled potential employees on the market. 


  • Ability to work fluidly and adaptively on multidisciplinary and diverse teams 
  • Sophisticated understanding and application of sector-relevant technologies 
  • Advanced management, leadership and technical growth skills 
  • Familiarity with start-up equivalent project development 

To discuss opportunities to connect with students in your region, reach out to