Antibiotic Drug Prescription

2017 ~ Present

Antibiotic Drug Prescription


Penicillin was discovered in 1928 and used as an antibiotic soon after that. However, it does not work against all bacterial infections. Since then, hundreds of different antibiotics have been developed to counter different bacterial infections. There are several guidebooks for a physician to choose the right antibiotic or antimicrobial drug for a patient. However, very few apps exist that can guide the physician to the most appropriate antibiotic for any given case. The goal is to turn the guidelines into a user-friendly App for a mobile device.

Issues Involved or Addressed

Turning a guideline into a user-friendly App for a mobile device

Methods and Technologies

  • Medical apps
  • Health apps

Academic Majors of Interest

  • Computer Science

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ECS 212-C

Team Advisors

Naphtali Rishe