7 awards presented to VIP Consortium Partners at annual conference!

On May 9th & 10th, 2019, representatives from 35 global unviersities convened in Atlanta, GA for the annual VIP Consortium! This event brings together instituions that have adopted the VIP model to discuss program advancement & ideas, best practices, and further dissemination. With this being the 5th annual event (beginning in 2014) the creator of Vertically Integrated Projects, Ed Coyle, who also directs the program at Georgia Tech, recognized individuals who have pioneered VIP at their universities. The following 7 participants were all given an award plaque for their efforts. Congratulations to all!


Andrew Novocin

Outstanding Innovation Award – For dynamic leadership of VIP at the Univ. of Delaware; for fostering Entrepreneurship within VIP at UD and hosting the first VIP Innovation Competition Involving Multiple VIP Sites; and for collaborating with Drexel Univ., Howard Univ., NYU, VCU, and VT to launch the Northeast US VIP Regional Consortium

Nadia Viljoen
Pioneering Program Implementation Award – For Creating and leading the VIP Program at the Univ. of Pretoria; For adapting the VIP Model to Provide as Experiential Credit in proportion to Performance on the team when Academic Credit is Not Possible.


Jack Bringardner

Outstanding Program Growth and International Dissemination Award – For leading the rapid growth of the VIP Program at NYU and collaborating in the creation of the Northeast-US VIP Regional Consortium and for recruiting new VIP Sites, especially in South America.

Yung-Hsiang Lu (accepted by Carla Zoltowski)

Outstanding VIP-based Entrepreneurship Award: For his leadership of a pioneering VIP team that team that has spun off several companies, and for his co-leadership of the VIP Program at Purdue University.


Charles Kim (not pictured)

Outstanding Research and Dissemination Award: For his creation and leadership of the VIP site at Howard University, his introduction of VIP to members of a consortium of HBCUs, and for very thought provoking papers on VIP.


Paula Gomez

Outstanding International Dissemination Award: For her efforts to invite universities in South America to join the VIP Consortium, most recently UNICAMP in South America, and for her co-leadership of a pioneering collaborative project with Universidade Mayor focusing on the new Patagonia National Park in Southern Chile.


Stephen Marshall

Pioneering Program Implementation Award: For pioneering the creation of the VIP site at the University of Strathclyde, which was: the first VIP site outside the US; the first VIP site to start at a university-wide level; and, the first VIP site to include disciplines in the Humanities.


- Cahara Murray, 5/23/2019