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2021 VIP Consortium Innovation Competition Winners Announced

2021 VIP Consortium Innovation Competition Winners Announced

Congratulations to the Mini Solar VIP Team at University of New South Wales for winning the 2021 VIP Innovation Consortium Competition!

The list of this year's finalists follows, with links to their video presentations.  We were impressed and inspired by the remarkable work of all of these teams.  Keep up the great work!

First Place Winner:
Early Bushfire Detection
Mini Solar VIP Team - University of New South Wales (Australia)

Second Place (Tie):
Safe Autonomous Mobility for the Visually Impaired
Sixth Sense VIP Team - New York University (US)

Second Place (Tie):
Co-curricular, multi-national, multi-disciplinary, vertically integrated engineering design of Aircraft for Rhino and Environmental Defense
AREND VIP Team - University of Pretoria (South Africa)

Additional Finalists:

Collaboration of Autonomous Drone and Autonomous Vehicle
D2V VIP Team - Inha University (South Korea)

Shared Engagement Recovery Violence Elimination (SERVE) Mobile Tool
Health Informatics on FHIR VIP Team - Georgia Institute of Technology (US)

Purpose-Built Eco-Machine for Treatment and Reuse of Waste Water
Waste Water VIP Team - Riga Technical University (Latvia)

Biological Battery
Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible VIP Team - Universidad Mayor (Chile)

Decision Making for Policies & Investment in Sao Paolo, Brazil
UNICAMP VIP Team - University of Campinas (Brazil)

Clean, affordable, sustainability energy solutions and increased energy access in Malawi
Solar Microgrids for Sustainable Development VIP Team - University of Strathclyde (Scotland)

PRESS RELEASE: VIP Consortium Announces Winner of 2021 Innovation Competition