2016 Consortium Meeting

Site Presentations
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Strathclyde
University of Washington

Virginia Commonwealth

Full Group Sessions
Breakout Sessions
Kevin Lybarger, Univ. of Washington Lead
Gail Hohner, University of Michigan
Steve Marshall, University of Strathclyde
Gary Woods, Rice
Engaging Faculty
Subra Muralidharan, UC Davis Lead
Edwin Chong, Colorado State
Amos Johnson, Morehouse
Charles Kim, Howard
Erika Mosyjowski, University of Michigan
Jocelyn Cullers, Boise State University
Justin Shepherd, Georgia Tech
Faculty Professional Development & Managing Teams
Ruth Poproski, GA Tech Lead
Jeff Froyd, Texas A&M
Yung-Hsiang Lu, Purdue
Aaron Ohta, Hawaii
Mohsen Taheri, Florida International
Ed Coyle, GA Tech Lead(slides)
Edwin Chong, Colorado State University
Will Hughes, Boise State University
Peter Voltz, NYU Tandon
Grading & Instruction
Bob Klenke, Virginia Commonwealth Lead
Randal Abler, GA Tech
Magda Lagoudas, Texas A&M
Andy Novocin, University of Delaware
Eve  Riskin, University of Washington Lead
Carole Greenes, Arizona State University
Will Hughes, Boise State University
Charles   Kim, Howard University
Wrap Up Session Topics
Portal for sharing and collaboration
Collaborative Grant Finding
Strategic Plan for Consortium
VIP Conference


Pre-Event Info

Sites will come together at the 2016 VIP Consortium Meeting to share their work, exchange ideas on common themes, and welcome new Consortium member-sites.


Wed, May 11
Hotel check-in
Thurs, May 12
Meeting and dinner
Fri, May 13
Hotel check-out
Meeting concludes, 3:00 PM

Breakout Sessions

Six topics were identified as high-priority and/or higher-interest:

  • Curriculum: Credits, rules, capstone, curriculum committees
  • Engaging Faculty: Recruiting, getting more than expected, collaborations, reaching out effectively, external instructors
  • Faculty Professional Development: The right mind-set, team start-up, managing teams, training and transition, developing plans, peer meetings
  • Funding
  • Grading & Instruction: Policies and standardization, reflection
  • Institutionalization: Overcoming boundaries, campus perceptions, ownership, slow vs. fast, faculty teaching credit, degree designators, honors programs

We'll cover the six breakout-topics above, as well as:

  • Site Reports (Click here for the PowerPoint Template)
  • Qualitative Evaluation: Student surveys, led by the Consortium Evaluation Team
  • Quantitative Evaluation: Institututional data, led by the Consortium Evaluation Team

Hotel & Travel

April 20 Cutoff
Rooms for two guests from each Helsmley-funded site will be direct-billed to Georgia Tech.  If your site needs to bring additional guests, please connect with Randy/Ed
Guests will need to book their rooms in advance.  Reservations will require a credit card, but because two rooms will be direct billed, most cards will not be charged.
Guests will stay at the Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel, located at 866 West Peachtree St NW.
Need to arrive early or depart on a later date?

1. Talk with Randy/Ed to decide who will cover the additional days (cc-ing Julie is helpful).

2. Use the reservation link above to book the nights already available.  This will get you into our room block.

3. Email Anita.Simon@renhotels.com from the Renaissance to have the additional days added to your reservation.

Hotel room not direct-billed to GT?
If your room will not be direct billed, please still use the same reservation link, and we'll manually flag it as self-pay.  If you are making your arrangements through a travel agent, the name of the room block is VIP Consortium.
Travel Georgia Tech will reimburse travel expenses for two guests from each Helmsley-funded site.  Reimbursements are governed by Georgia Tech travel policies.
Airfare Policies Guests should note that airfare reimbursements are limited to coach fares, except in specific cases (physical condition, advance approval, etc.), per Georgia Tech policies.
Directions, Airport to Hotel The best way to get to your hotel and campus is by MARTA tain.  The station is just down the street from the hotel.

Misc. Links

Online Form RSVP & Topic Poll We are in the final stages of:
  • Choosing our topics for the VIP Consortium Meeting
  • Identifying individuals who would like to share innovations and lessons learned on specific topics

If you could complete the RSVP and topic poll, we'll confirm our final topics and begin following up with prospective presenters

PPT Power Point Template

With 20 sites and 15 minutes per site we will have 5 hours of presentations!

Plan of attack:

  • We will split the group in half, with one person from each site in each room.
  • Each person will see 10 presentations, spread over two sessions.
  • That’s still 2.5 hours total, so staying on schedule will be important!

With this in mind, please:

  • Plan to speak for only 10 minutes, plus a few minutes for Q&A.
  • Stick to the template.

Thanks in advance!


Travel Paperwork

Item Description
Cover Page for Traveler This one-pager explains the per-diem rates for Georgia Tech, lists dollar amounts by meal and travel date, and highlights the dollar amounts most travelers will use in their forms.
Travel Expense Statement This is the form you'll complete and return. 
Please note: we do need the traveler's signature.
Submit to:

Chris Malbrue

Dept Contact: Pam Halverson