2015 Consortium Meeting

2015 Consortium Launch

In May 2015, representatives from sixteen institututions attended the VIP Consortium Launch.  The meeting included presentations, breakout sessions, and identification of topics for consortium working groups. Below are presentations from the workshop, results of the discussion on working groups, and paperwork for Helmsely-funded participants.




VIP Overview

Curriculum & Faculty Rewards

Building a VIP Team: A 3-Semester Case Study

Year at a Glance


Topics Identified
for Working Groups

Working Group Choices:

  • Faculty development, effective practices (22 votes)
  • Long-term sustainability for sites, institutionalization (16 votes)
  • Tools, resources (11 votes)
  • Diversity of faculty and students (9 votes)
  • Evaluating student learning in VIP context (9 votes)
  • Recruiting new institutions, sponsors, partners (6 votes)
  • Education research (6 votes)

Other topics that were considered

  • Branding & marketing
  • Building the consortium, people see benefits, ROI
  • ABET, AACSB, accreditation issues
  • Grant opportunities, ASEE First in World, Howard Hughes Inclusive Excellence
  • Entrepreneurship, IP issues
  • Research collaborations, multi-site VIP teams
  • Umbrella organization, spin-offs, business model



Travel Expense Statement (.xlsm macro enabled excel)

Travel - details on per diem rates (.docx)

6-month reporting form (.docx)